The sixth artist featured in our current exhibition – London Bridge OPEN 2 Boundaries – is Emma Barnie.

London Bridge Hotel is a former telephone exchange built in 1916 which is now surrounded by the equally stunning and evolving architecture of London Bridge. To reflect this contrast of historical and modern existing side-by-side, London Bridge Hotel’s General Manager, Julio Marques, has curated an exhibition which includes 20 different approaches to architecture using a myriad of methods including wood carving, oil paint on concrete, illustration, London’s pubs re-imagined, screen printing and painting on silk.  The theme of the exhibit coincided with The London Festival of Architecture this summer.


Hermits Cave (top left above)
White Hart (bottom left above)
Birds Nest (bottom right above)
Five Bells (top right above)

Signed Prints
£70 (framed) £50 (Unframed)
44cm x 33cm


Emma Barnie is a visual artist working in illustration, documentary and installation. Her interests lie in heritage, culture and socio-politics presented with a playful twist. This series is a polyptych of illustrations based on archival and imaginative delvings into surviving Victorian public houses in south east London.

Pub Scrawl Envisioning the fun and murky caves of Camberwell and the area’s homage to St Giles – the Hermit the patron saint of the unwell (and his pet deer).

Along the A202 is the White Hart, the former site of the old tollgate in 1819 which later became known as New Cross Gate.

Further down the road on Deptford Creek is the Birds Nest – previously the Oxford Arms in the 1840s; renamed after landlady Tessa Bird in the 70s who later opened a theatre upstairs.

In the 1860s Charles Dickens is said to have lodged opposite the Five Bells on New Cross Road, and there wrote his final novel ‘Our Mutual Friend’.

Instagram: @barnieemma




London Bridge OPEN 2 – Over 100 artists submitted work for consideration for London Bridge OPEN 2 with 17 chosen for this second exhibit.  OPEN 2 artworks are displayed throughout the public areas of the hotel and its adjoining Quarter Bar & Lounge, allowing potential buyers the opportunity to see an artwork in an environment more akin to a contemporary home. All OPEN art works can be purchased and the exhibition runs until December 2019.

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