Henrietta MacPhee is one of 16 talented locally-based artists exhibiting at London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature, a public art exhibition which runs until the end of May 2020. This marks the third such exhibition in a series originally launched by London Bridge Hotel General Manager, Julio Marques in 2019, conceived in partnership with Team London Bridge and Southwark Council.  All artworks are available for purchase.

About the artist and the work:

Henrietta MacPhee is a British artist whose practice centres in ceramics. She works from her studio in south London. Modelling by hand and painting onto clay, she blends the visual and tangible to create entertaining illusions that traverses the border between 2D and 3D.

Here, she has taken the traditional design of the decorative Italian albarello or medicine jar and has depicted animals that become mix-and-matched with others. These playful images were inspired by the wax print textiles that can be found displayed in Brixton Market.

Her work has been selected for a number of prestigious shows in the UK including ‘Artworks’ organised by the Barbican Arts Group and curated by Turner prizewinner Tai Shani. Last summer MacPhee was invited to present her work at the International Ceramics Festival in Aberystwyth, Wales as one of four artists selected for the Emerging Makers Award 2019.


Market Jar (located in hotel lobby)

Glazed ceramic

20 cm, 35 cm, 20 cm


studio@henriettamacphee.com / henriettamacphee.com / @etta_mac

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