Rod Kitson - Sixteen Days from My Window


Rod Kitson is one of 16 talented locally-based artists exhibiting at London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature, a public art exhibition which runs until the end of May 2020. This marks the third such exhibition in a series originally launched by London Bridge Hotel General Manager, Julio Marques in 2019, conceived in partnership with Team London Bridge and Southwark Council.  All artworks are available for purchase.

About the artist and the artwork:

This fragmented view of three Italian alder trees was painted from my third-floor studio in Surrey Quays on 16 consecutive summer days. The composite is made of 16 one-square-foot oil paintings, one painted each day, in one sitting.

My work is all about capturing a moment honestly, ‘snapshots’ in a physical, emotional and technical sense. That is demonstrated here by the different times of day the pieces were painted, sometimes night, sometimes day. In some of them the Velux window has been closed, in others it is fully open.  The aim was not to make a perfect jigsaw but to document the real situation in which I found myself on each day.

Italian alders were introduced into London as ornamental trees, and this painting serves as a metaphor for migration and survival.

It is for sale complete and as 16 separate works. The pieces sold will be repainted as the view appears now, as part of a larger installation which is constantly evolving, expressing time.


Sixteen Days From My Window

Oil paint on canvas

125 cm x 125 cm

£3,500 (complete) £290 (per piece)


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