Our twelth featured artist for OPEN, the community art event coordinated with Team London Bridge and taking place at London Bridge Hotel is Steve Chapman.  This arts programme looks to promote those talented artists living or working in Southwark, where our hotel is sited.

Over 100 artists submitted work for consideration with 14 being asked to participate in this first phase of the London Bridge Hotel OPEN which gives potential buyers the opportunity to see an artwork in an environment more akin to a contemporary home. All OPEN art works can be purchased and the exhibition runs until June 2019.

Steve is interested in creativity and the human condition and his artwork explores the relationship between the two. In addition to his distinctive ink drawings, he specialises in blending the 2D and 3D world through large and small pieces of hand cut and hand-painted wooden characters that he often installs and leave in public places. He has sold work across three continents and has exhibited alongside the likes of David Shrigley, Pablo Picasso and Henry Moore.

He is also known for his conceptual art pieces including “Inexpert 2018”, a sold-out event where speakers gave talks on subjects that they had little or no knowledge of and he is the host of the
world’s first silent podcast “Sound of Silence” which has featured the silence of some very well-known guests.

As well as his art he is a much sought after speaker and writer on creativity and is author of the books “100 Crap Faces” and “Can scorpions Smoke?”

He is at his best when he doesn’t quite know what he is doing.


The Naturist
Wood cut on revolving plinth

The Naturist is a gnome for modern life. A garden ornament for the 21st Century that is bold in both its nakedness and its rotation. Nobody knows what the Naturist’s actual name is.

Instagram and Twitter: @stevexoh


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