London Bridge Hotel OPEN3: Urban Nature

The public art exhibit, London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature launched on 3rd February at a glittering event hosted by General Manager Julio Marques and attended by local dignitaries and the artists with their supporters and families.

The concept, launched by Mr Marques in 2019, was conceived in partnership with Team London Bridge and Southwark Council. It aims to shine a spotlight on the highly talented local arts community in the Borough and to provide a more residential setting which allows potential purchasers the opportunity of visualising how an artwork might look in their own homes.

London Bridge Hotel OPEN3: Urban Nature

He says: “The range and depth of artistic talent displayed in the Borough of Southwark never ceases to amaze me. I am so pleased to offer our hotel as a platform to display these works and to help promote the artistic community living, working and studying in the area.”

Sixteen artists and artisans living or working in Southwark are featured and all artworks are available for purchase.  The exhibition runs until the end of May 2020.


Thank you to Jas Lehal Photography –

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