Our tenth featured artist for OPEN, the community art event coordinated with Team London Bridge and taking place at London Bridge Hotel is Russel Herneman.  This arts programme looks to promote those talented artists living or working in Southwark, where our hotel is sited.

Over 100 artists submitted work for consideration with 14 being asked to participate in this first phase of the London Bridge Hotel OPEN which gives potential buyers the opportunity to see an artwork in an environment more akin to a contemporary home. All OPEN art works can be purchased and the exhibition runs until June 2019.

Russel remarks:

“I worked up the portrait of Zsuzsanna from a series of photographs taken in the grounds of King’s College. It took two attempts. In the frst set Zsuzsanna wore a black leather jacket which, it later became clear, was too dark to draw properly, so I photographed her again, this time wearing a white blouse.

“I started the drawing at her face using a really very sharp pencil for detail and smudge sticks and graphite for soft skin textures. The blouse and legs were drawn with a style which became looser as I moved down, ending with her shoes which are just outlines. In an attempt to give the finished drawing some energy, I propped it against a wall and threw water at it.”


Portrait of Zsuzsanna Zsigmond
Pencil and nice paper
60cm x 87cm


Artist background: I am an award-winning illustrator, cartoonist, designer and art director of The Sunday Times. I studied art in east London and Kent. My recent awards include Pocket Cartoon of the Year and prizes in illustration and design from the SND and the European Newspaper awards. I also exhibited work at the Society of Graphic Fine arts annual open show. I live in Surrey
and in my spare time I like to bang on about my awards.


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