Creative Head Barman Carlo Pallone at Quarter Bar & Lounge  is a cocktail-crafting genius – making everything from classic drinks such as the Old-Fashioned, to his masterpiece to celebrate  The Shard – The Shard-Ini.

Appropriately named, The Shard-Ini takes customers to new heights with its watermelon and passion fruit flavours. For full details on how to make the cocktal, read on…


  • Watermelon (middle part)
  • Passion Fruit
  • Lime Juice
  • Sugar Syrup
  • Passion Fruit Puree
  • Passion Fruit Liquor
  • Vanilla Infused Vodka

1)      Crush the middle part of some watermelon and passion fruit into a glass

2)      Add a dash of lime juice, passion fruit purée and sugar syrup

3)      Add passion fruit liquor and two shots of vanilla infused vodka (to make this insert a some vanilla pods into a                 bottle of vodka for 3-4 days)

4)      Shake and double strain in to a glass garnished with watermelon.

If all this seams like far too much effort, head down to Quarter Bar & Lounge and Carlo will conjure one up for you… you will not be disappointed! Located just three minutes walk away from London Bridge Station, Quarter Bar & Lounge, next  to London Bridge Hotel is the perfect stop off en-route from work (or to – on a bad day).


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