The second featured artist for OPEN, the community art event coordinated with Team London Bridge and taking place at London Bridge Hotel is Gail Seres-Woolfson.  The exhibition looks to promote those talented artists living or working in Southwark, where our hotel is sited.

Over 100 artists submitted work for consideration with 14 being asked to participate in this first phase of the London Bridge Hotel OPEN which gives potential buyers the opportunity to see an artwork in an environment more akin to a contemporary home. All OPEN art works can be purchased and the exhibition runs until June 2019.

Seres-Woolfson has two featured works at OPEN and she both observes and re-imagines the metropolis around her, fusing familiar elements with an unpredictability and openness.  The layered surface of her paintings constructs illusory depth and recalls the textures of the city and notions of time and urban
archaeology pervade the work with references to Victorian architecture. It also speaks to Modernist aesthetics, contemporary street furniture,and the inked / erased plans which envisage buildings that are yet to shape our future.

Dancing City, mixed media on board, explores movement, space and architecture and the feeling of navigating through the landscape. Dancing smog engulfing geometric construction; surges of colour against urban grey; chimneys, windows and signposts within a complex landscape of abstract shapes and colliding planes.

Dancing City
Mixed media on board
90cm x 61cm

Her second piece, Urban Blueprint, again mixed media on board, ‘Urban Blueprint’ explores movement, space and architecture in the city. Created during a residency with Art Number 23 next to London Bridge Station, Seres-Woolfson finds pleasure in the juxtapositions and constant evolution of the landscape around her. Collaged photography, abstracted shapes and dynamic lines meet loose and fluid gestural marks. A palette of brick brown and steel grey contrasts the bold yellow and deep blue lifted from plastic hoardings. Forms and mixed materials are layered one upon another to create a re-imagined space in which buildings are both anchored and suspended. The ‘blueprint’ of the title references the technical architectural plan vital for accurate construction, and yet Seres-Woolfson playfully offers the viewer a collection of blocks, lines and ephemera which seem to invite rearrangement and multiple configurations and eschew a single, static point of resolution.

Urban Blueprint
Mixed media on board
75cm x 61cm

Education: Diploma in Fine Art (First Class), The Art Academy London 2014 – 2017
Awards: Shortlisted, Evening Standard Contemporary Art Prize, 2017, Shortlisted, Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, 2017, Recipient, The Concept Space Summer Exhibition Awards; Overall Impact,



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