If you want to know about a city, you ask its inhabitants and those who work in it. We’ve gone one step further however.  We’ve asked the talented Southwark-based artists who are exhibiting at our current exhibition – London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature, to explain how London and in particular, the Borough of Southwark, continually inspires them and their artistic endeavours and how visitors might tap into this important city of culture. Liz Charsley shares her own insights into art and the capital – Southwark in particular.

How does living or working in Southwark inspire your artworks?

I cycle through Southwark regularly, through as many parks as I can along my routes into the centre of London. Many of my compositions are derived from views I capture along the way.

What attraction or aspect of Southwark would you recommend to a visiting tourist?

The Thames Path – so many iconic landmarks along the way, and a great way to spend a day on a bike. And the many green spaces in the borough. I like how they have been planted with meadow flowers, bringing a rural feel to an urban area, and a refreshing green space in which to breathe.

How important, as an artist, is it to be in the capital?

Artists in London are spoiled for choice, with access to so many wonderful exhibitions. And it is wonderful to be able to connect with the history of where you live and work.

Do exhibitions such as London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature help to publicize your work/help your artistic CV?

Of course! The hotel is so central and has lots of visitors. And the work has been hung and lit beautifully .

What do you love most about what artworks you produce?

I like making art that is fresh and eye-catching, with layers of detail. The scale of my works in Urban Nature is slightly larger than life, giving the viewer the perspective of a small animal, looking up through the tangled greenery.


Liz features two artworks within our exhibition London Bridge Hotel OPEN3: Urban Nature, both in Quarter Bar & Lounge:



Verge (featured on the Urban Nature exhibition catalogue)

Oil pastel on paper

Price: £2200

90cm x 120cm


Gallery Road Tangle (second image featured)

Oil pastel on paper

90cm x 1120cm



liz@lizcharsley-jory.com  07802 535844

www.lizcharsley-jory.com  I:@lizcharsley  F:Liz Charsley Artwork





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