Lynn Dennison is one of 16 talented locally-based artists exhibiting at London Bridge Hotel OPEN 3: Urban Nature, a public art exhibition which runs until the end of May 2020. This marks the third such exhibition in a series originally launched by London Bridge Hotel General Manager, Julio Marques in 2019, conceived in partnership with Team London Bridge and Southwark Council.  All artworks are available for purchase.

About the artist and the artwork:

I work across several disciplines, including installation, video projection and collage, to explore our relationship with the natural world; how we see and experience landscape and how important it is to people.

I am particularly interested in the idea of a fear of the landscape and the creation of an artwork that suggests the enormity of nature. My videos and installations celebrate the beauty of nature whilst acknowledging the interaction of man in the environment, often through the use of the built environment where I have been working with the idea of layering images, either in the form of a collage using found images with my own photographs, or in the projection of a film or video onto an architectural space as an installation.

My work creates a situation where culture and nature converge and it is this interface between the natural world and the human interaction with it which occupies me.

Citylake juxtaposes images of landscape with the built environment to create a liminal space between worlds.



Collage, digital print

Edition 5

45 cm x 49 cm framed size

£380 framed / £320 unframed  T:Lynn_Dennison

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