Our thirteenth featured artist for OPEN, the community art event coordinated with Team London Bridge and taking place at London Bridge Hotel is Stephen Dunn.  This arts programme looks to promote those talented artists living or working in Southwark, where our hotel is sited.

Over 100 artists submitted work for consideration with 14 being asked to participate in this first phase of the London Bridge Hotel OPEN which gives potential buyers the opportunity to see an artwork in an environment more akin to a contemporary home. All OPEN art works can be purchased and the exhibition runs until June 2019.

Stephen says about his work:

What can be said about a painting, you want it to sing, you wantit to glow and crackle perhaps, in fact almost have a life of its own. With this particular painting the density was important to make that a possibility and get close to the trees, glimpses of colour and structure that’s broken down, giving a more tactile feel to the forest and a proximity where you can almost smell the undergrowth or at least consider the thought.

“Any painting always grows from within itself, if you knew what the final painting would be, then there’s no discovery. The overlays of marks, shapes, lines and colour create a visual dialogue that you have with the canvas, a movement, a flowing story as the painting unfolds, different choices and directions that the painting could move in.

“This painting was part of a series of paintings all of which have a similar density, energy and high level of activity.”


Artist background: After completing my foundation course at Bournville School of Art, I acquired a fine art degree from Lanchester Polytechnic and then an M.A. in Painting from Chelsea School of Art and have been fortunate to be able to paint on a continuous basis since then.

After leaving Chelsea my studio has been in Rotherhithe and having that stability in a workplace has been very beneficial to my practice. I’ve exhibited on a regular basis in this country including several one man shows and have also exhibited in Germany (Berlin) and Japan (Osaka, Nagoya). Currently, another
work of mine is on show at the Constructors Gallery, Blackfriars Bridge.

Ripe Berries in the Forest
Acrylic on canvas
122cm x 102cm


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