We look behind the scenes of OPEN – the new public art exhibition conceived and operated by London Bridge Hotel with Team London Bridge – aimed at promoting local talented Southwark artists.

Over 100 artists submitted work for consideration with 14 being asked to participate in this first phase of the London Bridge Hotel OPEN which gives potential buyers the opportunity to see an artwork in an environment more akin to a contemporary home. All OPEN art works can be purchased and the exhibition runs until June 2019.

Our first focus looks at artist,  Albeiro Rojas Tomedes, see above in front of his exhibited work, Curripaco, an  160 x 160 x 15 cm oil and gloss paint skin cut-outs, woven and mounted on board.  Price for purchase: £4950.

Tomedes is inspired by the richness of nature and the traditions he grew up alongside in the Amazon. His innovative, creative process aims to fuse the boundaries of painting and sculpture. Much of his work explores the liminal space in-between these practices, whilst examining how modern life and industrialisation can damage fragile cultures.

Using a highly distinctive technique that he developed, oil and gloss paint is dried in large trays to create a layer of “skin”. Whilst the underneath is still wet, Tomedes peels off the skin, carefully leaving the underside to dry, thus creating the unusual raw material used in his works.

Freed from traditional constraints and artificial boundaries, the dried but malleable paint is given an independence that allows new forms of expression. Tomedes’ main aim was to find a different and freer way of using paint to extend it beyond a flat surface. From weaving dried strips of gloss paint through to works formed out of “destructive creativity”, Tomedes’ further extends his investigation of creation, destruction and the innate qualities of paint.

“I felt driven to find a style that could fully express my own inner experiences. Some of my works are made very deliberately – almost ritually – methodically following traditional patterns. Others are broken, ripped apart, cut, destroyed and violently attacked. Many of Tomedes’ works can alternatively be viewed as a painting, a sculpture or an art installation, stimulating thought about the role that paint can take and the form produced.

Education: Royal College of Arts, Graduate Diploma Art & Design: Fine Art – Current Camberwell College of Arts (UAL), BA (Hons) Painting 2015
Awards/Prizes: FBA Futures Award – Winner, Mall Galleries – Federation of British Artists – Raw Talent, Invention Award – Pop My Mind Community








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